Certified EKG Technician (Online)

This course introduces students to patient preparation, EKG machines, performing and mounting of 12 lead, single channel EKG tracings. Review of the cardiovascular system and related terminology. Emphasis on basic rhythm identification and possible diseases are studied.


This class brings together anatomy and physiology of the cardiac system with how it pertains to the electrocardiograph procedure. The student will learn to successfully perform and mount an EKG. The recognition of abnormal EKG's and classification of heart diseases will also apply.  Students are required to complete 100 hours of internship/externship, after which they will receive their certificate of completion.

Once the student successfully completes this class he/she will be eligible to sit for the NHA competency test for EKG technician and be certified in CPR as a healthcare provider.

120 hours

$1425.00 Billed as 4 Modules.  Pay for the complete series and get a 25% discount.  


A $75 non-refundable deposit is included with the first Module.

National Healthcareer Association (NHA) fee is billed separately.

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