Dorson certified medical administrative assistant

Certified Medical Administrative Assistant

These professionals support physicians and nurses in delivering patient care. Administrative Assistants tasks consist of keeping medical records, greeting patients, billing and clerical duties, scheduling appointments, arranging admission to the hospitals and laboratory service.


Administrative Assistants help in checking supplies, but mainly concentrate on medical terminologies, medical ethics and OSHA regulations, computer skills/training, medical records, management, patient charting, billing practices and insurance filing procedures.

Cash Option - Click & Pay Now:

Program cycle 300 hours; Cost $4000 -  Cash payment entitles a 15% discount.  A $75 non-refundable  registration fee is applicable. National Healthcareer Association (NHA) fee is billed separately.

Financing Option:

Program Cycle: 300 hours; Cost $4000 with 20% down payment, and monthly installments for 12, 24 or 36 months. $75 application is applicable and refundable upon acceptance. The table below illustrates comparative installments over 12, 24, and 36 months. There is no prepayment penalty. National Health Career Association (NHA) fee is billed separately.

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Once the information is gathered the credit report for you and your cosigner (if applicable) will be pulled by Think & Profit Consulting, a student payment financing service provider for Dorson VTI.  The information from the credit report combined with your interview information is used to determine the financing terms that Dorson VTI offers you. We are mindful of making an offer that will help you to succeed.  To expedite the finance application you may click on  PAYMENT PORTAL to pay $25 per applicant for the credit report(s). We are looking forward to being a part of your success. 

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