Home health care for the elderly

Certified Home Health Aide / Homemaker

A Home Health Aide assists with healthcare in a patient’s home, day service program or group home. They may visit the patient each day in a part-time or full-time position, or they might live with the patient. Home Health Aides help with a variety of tasks, including primary healthcare duties, changing patients and preparing and feeding them meals. They work with many types of patients, including those with cognitive impairments, physical limitations or chronic ailments. Aides may also maintain and update home healthcare records for insurance purposes.

Home health aides help care for people with disabilities, chronic illnesses, age-related issues. They do so by providing a range of personal care services to patients in their homes and are part of a wider home care team. Generally, home health aides work under the supervision of a registered nurse or therapist. They provide high quality care to patients by helping with personal care, assisting with daily living activities, and adhering to outlined policies and procedures.

It is preferred that home health aides have a Home Health Aide certification. Additionally, they need to be CPR certified and have a high school diploma or general education degree (GED). Much of home health aide training happens on-the-job from registered nurses. In order to succeed as a home health aide, one must possess strong interpersonal skills, an ability to prioritize tasks, and a focus on details.

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Online classes start immediately after acceptance. Once you have fulfilled the online requirements you will be notified to schedule your skilled requirements to complete your training. Once the skilled training section is completed, you will be able to submit your information to the Board of Nursing for your License.