Healthcare professional taking a woman;s temperature

Covid 19 Statement

In this difficult time of resurgence of the COVID-19 virus, we are taking extra precaution to help prevent the spread of this virus.

WE are collaborating weekly with other homecare owners to see what is working and what is not working from a practical standpoint. In this way, we can provide real time solutions to best protect our Patients and Caregivers.

WE are following the guidelines of the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Dept. of Health – NJ, and our accrediting body, The Commission on Accreditation for Home Care. These organizations have not added additional safety procedures beyond those that Dorson is currently following.

WE provide surgical masks, disinfectant spray, surface wipes, hand wipes, hand sanitizers, and goggles to our Caregivers as needed. And when possible to our clients.

WE have added another layer of protection for our Caregivers - Face Shields. These have now been given to every Caregiver. They are to be worn in addition to a mask and other PPE while the Caregiver is in your home or residence facility. This was effective December 1, 2020.

The Spread is Airborne

Women wearing personal protective equipment against Covid

The virus is known to spread via airborne  droplets. Therefore mask and face shield combinations are logical precautionary measures for decreasing the spread.  This provides two-layers of protection while Caregivers are caring for you or your loved one.

WE required all Caregivers to have a COVID-19 test as a baseline. Unfortunately, until daily home testing is made available to everyone, it is impossible to ascertain a true negative result.

WE are working with many of our clients who have requested live-in Caregiver(s), or extra overtime hours from their current Caregiver(s). This will help to reduce the number of people they come in contact with on a daily basis and therefore reduce the possibility of infection.

WE require all Caregivers to complete a daily COVID-19 questionnaire. It asks for their temperature, if they feel sick, about their recent travel, and other relevant questions pertaining to COVID-19.

They must complete these questions and affirm their answers before they are allowed to log into our CareSmartz360 Management System and provide care to our patients. The Dorson team is notified immediately to follow up if any of the answers suggest that the Caregiver has contracted the virus or has otherwise been exposed to someone with the virus.

YOU can help by making sure that all visitors wear masks. Some clients have agreed to wear a mask and shield while the Caregiver is present. Some clients wear masks when certain care duties are performed in close contact with the patient and the Caregiver.

YOU can help by notifying the Caregiver or the Dorson Team of any non-compliance by Caregivers.  If a caregiver is not wearing the appropriate PPE provided or not taking other protective measures, please reach out to us. We understand that it is an exceedingly difficult time for everyone, but absolute compliance by everyone to wear the appropriate PPE and follow all CDC guidelines is critical. We are now strongly recommending the Caregivers and patients register for the vaccine, but the choice is yours to make, we are simply making the recommendation.

Sonia Y. Scott, CDP