Discover a Career as a Certified EKG Technician

Looking to start a career in healthcare? Becoming a Certified Electrocardiograph or EKG Technician is a great first step. Issued by, the Certified EKG Technician (CET) is a nationally accredited designation that will position you well to land a job in a profession that is in high demand.

EKG techs perform non-invasive diagnostic tests that help doctors identify cardiovascular problems in patients. Although electrocardiograms have become somewhat routine, they can help discover irregularities in the heart that could lead to a heart attack or heart disease. EKGs are a vital, potentially life-saving aspect of patient care, and like many jobs in the healthcare industry, the market for EKG technicians is growing rapidly.

While typically situated within a hospital environment, EKG techs also work in specialty long-term care facilities and private practices. They may be stationed in a separate room with the EKG equipment but interact with patients, doctors, and nursing staff throughout the day. In addition to performing the procedure and reporting to physicians, an EKG tech explains the test to patients and monitors their heart performance and blood pressure. They may also be tasked with related administrative duties including recording results, filing, and data entry

To become an electrocardiograph technician, you need a high school diploma or general education degree (GED). Although higher education is not legally required, most employers and hiring managers prefer job candidates to at least be certified. However, an EKG technician is one healthcare position you can start without already having the certification secured.

Dorson Vocational Training Institute offers a Certified EKG Technician online course that brings together anatomy and physiology of the cardiac system with how it pertains to the electrocardiograph procedure. Students learn to classify heart diseases as well as how to successfully perform and mount an EKG and recognize abnormalities. You must complete 100 hours of internship/externship, after which you will be eligible to sit for the CET exam.

We are fully licensed by the State of New Jersey and our courses are certified by The National Health Association. Call us at 973-676-6300 or fill out our online form to learn more about Dorson Vocational Training Institute’s Certified EKG Technician program or other healthcare classes and training programs.