Growth and Innovation since 2004

Dorson Vocational Training Institute started as a school to provide our own home care agency with well trained and compassionate workers. Today we are striving to provide more qualified workers (HHA’s) across the state of New Jersey, and for the workers to find a better job for a better life.

So if you are looking to recruit top of the line home health aides, look no further, sign up NOW and be first in line to get the best, the cream of the crop of our graduates, ready to make a difference for your agency.

Satisfied Clients

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to help Home Health Agencies find well qualified employees and for employees to find meaningful and steady employment.  We are trying to make it easy for agencies to find superior Home Health Aides.

  • We have a reputation in the healthcare industry for training highly skilled workers.

  • Dorson Vocational Home Health Aide graduates are highly qualified and sought after; usually leaving their mark of excellence wherever they go.

  • ALL qualified candidates in one place, we make it easy to screen and evaluate our graduates, allowing you to make the best hiring decision for your specific business needs.


Monthly recruiting fee:                                        $249

3 Months per year (savings $101)                    $649

6 Months per year (savings $195)                 $1,299

Unlimited Annual (savings $1,389)               $1,599