Understanding Your Newborn’s Sleep Patterns

Newborn baby sleeping

Every new parent knows that having a newborn often means learning to cope with sleepless nights. Unfortunately, infant sleep schedules can be erratic and unpredictable at first, making it hard for new parents to know how long and how often their newborn should sleep. A typical newborn spends the majority of time sleeping, waking only…

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Why Become a Phlebotomist?

Phlebotomist and patient

Phlebotomists play an essential role in administering and managing blood draws for diagnosis, transfusion and research purposes. Becoming a Certified Phlebotomy Technician is not only a great choice when it comes to healthcare occupations, but it can prove to be a rewarding career that offers flexibility, interaction with a variety of people and the satisfaction…

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Train for a Rewarding Career as a Patient Care Technician

Patient Care Technician assisting a patient to ambulate

Are you interested in helping doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals with the daily care that is critical for many patients? A career as a Patient Care Technician (PCT) may be ideal for you. Whether working in a hospital, doctor’s office, nursing home or long-term care facility, PCTs play a vital role in patient care,…

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What Does a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist Do?

Medical Billing and Coding Specialist on the phone behind a desk

Today, the financial health of any medical practice is closely tied to the performance of its billing office. Increased demands on providers, coupled with decreased insurance reimbursement, has led many medical offices to invest in skilled medical billing and coding specialists. These professionals, who have an in-depth knowledge of medical insurance and the claims and…

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Discover a Career as a Certified EKG Technician

EKG Technician reading a machine

Looking to start a career in healthcare? Becoming a Certified Electrocardiograph or EKG Technician is a great first step. Issued by MedCainc.com, the Certified EKG Technician (CET) is a nationally accredited designation that will position you well to land a job in a profession that is in high demand. EKG techs perform non-invasive diagnostic tests…

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Why Become a Certified Home Health Aide?

Certified Home Health Aide helping a patient on the computer

Very few careers offer people the opportunity to do as much good as the healthcare industry. The desire to help others is what motivates most people to choose a career in healthcare, and it is a field that offers many different options – not just for doctors and nurses. If you are looking to begin…

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