The Benefits of Becoming a Certified Medical Administrative Assistant

The explosive growth in healthcare brings with it an increased demand for medical administrative assistants – and an even greater demand for Certified Medical Administrative Assistants (CMAA). Although certification is not always required for medical administrative assistants, it offers a higher degree of education and additional benefits that will improve your prospects in a competitive job market and allow you to maximize your earning potential.

Medical administrative assistants play a key role in running an efficient healthcare office. These multi-skilled professionals support physicians and nurses in delivering patient care, handling a range of duties including greeting patients, scheduling appointments, managing electronic records, billing, and insurance processing.

Because of their specialized skill set and knowledge, CMAA’s can work in a variety of settings, such as clinics, physicians’ offices, hospitals, outpatient facilities, and specialists’ offices. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, opportunities in the medical assisting field are expected to grow 29% by 2026. Because the field is expanding so rapidly, the need for well-trained medical administrative assistants will only continue to increase.

As the first point of contact for patients, a CMAA is responsible for ensuring they have a positive experience. The professional training you receive through the certification process will give you a thorough understanding of how to manage patient flow effectively and provide the highest level of service to both patients and colleagues. This will result in satisfied patients, a successful practice, and a more rewarding work experience for you.

Through Dorson Vocational Training Institute’s Certified Medical Administrative Assistant program, you will learn medical terminologies, medical ethics and OSHA regulations, computer skills, medical records management, patient charting, billing practices, and insurance filing procedures. We are fully licensed by the State of New Jersey and our courses are certified by The National Health Association.

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