Certified Medical Administrative Assistants Prioritize Patient Welfare

Medical administrative assistants provide the administrative support necessary for a medical practice to operate efficiently and provide a positive patient experience. From greeting patients to billing and clerical duties, an administrative assistant’s ability to multitask and prioritize patient welfare is critical to the success of doctor’s offices, clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare providers.

These vital medical support professionals are typically the first point of contact for patients, taking their initial contact and insurance information. Day-to-day responsibilities may include billing, patient charting and medical transcription, as well as coordinating laboratory tests, registering new patients, making follow-up appointments, or liaising with insurance companies.

However, if you are thinking of becoming a medical administrative assistant, it is important to understand that there are significant variations in the way the role is defined. In fact, a medical administrative assistant can work in almost every part of the business side of medicine, whether it be acute care or primary care. You might be an administrator at a doctor’s private practice, an office manager for a small clinic, or a patient coordinator in a large hospital ward.

In large settings like hospitals, the role of the medical administrative assistant is likely to be specialized. For example, one medical assistant may be responsible for accounting and record-keeping, while another is responsible for insurance billing. In smaller settings, such as physician practices, the role is likely to be less clearly defined and they may handle a variety of administrative tasks throughout the day.

To be considered for a medical administrative assistant position, you must have excellent communication, organizational, and problem-solving skills. Because you will be interfacing directly with patients, you will also need exceptional customer service skills as well as the ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment, prioritize information, and handle multiple projects simultaneously.

Administrative assistant jobs are an excellent way to work in the medical profession without going through the long process of applying for a nursing or dental degree. Medical assistants are among the most in-demand professionals in healthcare, with data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicating that job opportunities are projected to grow 18 percent through 2030 – much faster than the average for all occupations.

Due to the complexities of the healthcare industry and its unique technologies, many medical practices and healthcare facilities prefer to hire medical administrative assistants who have completed a certified medical administrative assistant training program. Dorson Vocational Training Institute offers a comprehensive Certified Medical Administrative Assistant training course that focuses on skills ranging from computer training, medical records management, patient charting, billing practices, and insurance filing procedures to learning medical terminologies, medical ethics, and OSHA regulations. We are fully licensed by the State of New Jersey and our courses are certified by The National Health Association.

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